Digital fluorescent robotized microscope-analyzer

BIOSCAN-F6000This analyzer is intended for biological preparations investigations, which are prepared to analysis on standard microscope slides (25х76х1 mm) with the usage of fluorescent probes test-systems as well as for blood smears, bone marrow, urine, ascitic fluid, sputum, bronchial percolate and tissue specimens dyed with usual cell stains. The fields of application are medicine, veterinary medicine, biology, ecology, training of medicine and biology.

The main advantages of this model are universality, multifunction and complete computer control of all their functions. This model permits to conduct hematological, cytological, histological, parasitological and microbiological investigations in usual (white) light and/or fluorescent modes on each micro picture area. All operations for setting or changing of working modes are put into effect with the help of programmed menu, keyboard and mouse, which allow realizing:

- stationing and movement control;
- focusing control;
- switching for 12 optical filters (rotary type) control;
- switching for 4 spectral emitters and its working control;
- colored digital system micro objects reading control;
- micro objects manual counter control.

The availability of automatic focusing mode permits to avoid the initial search of focus point, which in case of working on usual microscope lead to essential time loses and high operator qualification. Everything, from observation through image capturing up to data communications over the network, is operated by a series of simple mouse clicks. Once the glass slide is set, brightfield images can be viewed on the monitor. Focus and brightness is automatically adjustable.

Operation with «BIOSCAN–F6000» does not require any special preparing and available for every person with the computing skills. «BIOSCAN–F6000» combines digital microscopy, image processing and the data analysis and storage to provide the highest information content for micro objects in a complete all-in-one-box package.

Analyzer is very suitable for use because of reflection of all analyzed parameters on the monitor with the high resolution. Investigator can obtain the coordinates of every certain frame and coordinates and analyzed zone on the slide. It permits in case of necessity to find every micro object.

One microscope-analyzer permits to conduct till 70 investigations per day with the analysis and cell count in manual mode.

Microscope-analyzer «BIOSCAN–F6000» operating ability, which is supply its superiority under similar equipment:

1) Digital microscope-analyzer has no analogues all over the world. This instrument may be considered as an integrated COOLSCOPE II Digital Microscope (Nikon) and flow cytometer Attune™ Acoustic Focusing Cytometer (Applied Biosystems). The cost of these apparatuses are 300 000 –380 000 EUR.

The price of digital fluorescent robotized microscope-analyzer «BIOSCAN–F6000» is significantly low (from 5 to 7 times in dependence from mode of supply).

2) The presence of 5 fluorescence channals and additional automated «white» channel permits to analyze a real colored micro picture area in usual («white») light simultaneously with the fluorescence micro picture area.

3) The presence of possibility to reflect the real colored fluorescence image with the real colored gradation.

4) Possibility to minimize in 10 times the cost of one investigation for blood leucocytes phenotyping in comparison with flow cytometer. It is necessary to analyze 20 μl of leukosuspension and 0,5 μl of monoclonal antibodies working solution for digital fluorescent robotized microscope-analyzer «BIOSCAN–F6000» whereas it is necessary to analyze 100 μl of leukosuspension and 5 μl of monoclonal antibodies working solution for flow cytometer.

5) It is possible to delay or repeat (during 2 weeks) the investigation of prepared on microscope slide fluorescent sample when the sample is stored in dark place in temperature from + 2 till + 50°С.

If you are going to organize a lab working you can by only one digital fluorescent robotized microscope-analyzer «BIOSCAN–F6000 » instead light microscope (800 EUR), fluorescent microscope (3000 EUR), confocal fluorescent microscope (150 000 EUR) or flow cytometer (150 000 EUR). It permits to save your money and working area in your laboratory.

To obtain the quality high-resolution image the immersion oil is always used in listed above microscopes. It provides harmful action on examiner's respiratory tracts. If the smear needs to be stored and to be analyzed iteratively it is necessary to remove immersion oil from the surface of the smear, which is lead to partial elimination of blood cells and loses of investigation quality. The innovations are used in new digital fluorescent robotized microscope-analyzer «BIOSCAN–F6000» permits to avoid the immersion oil usage without loses of the high-resolution quality. If you are using «BIOSCAN–F6000», you protect your health and can repeat the analysis many times.

SRE RESAN is manufactured for scientific and clinical investigations the TEST-SYSTEMS BIOSCAN-М1 (on the basis of monoclonal antibodies) for immune status evaluation and blood cells typing. These test-systems are adapted for Digital Fluorescent Robotized Microscope-Analyzer Bioscan F6000

Чем больше объём метастазов - тем меньше вероятность излечения при помощи вакцины РЕСАН.

Если объём метастазов соединительнотканной злокачественной опухоли более 10 см3, железистой более 50 см3, а эпителиальной более 30 см3, то вероятность излечения вакциной РЕСАН составляет 12% и менее.


The more the volume of metastases, the less the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN.

If the volume of connective-tissue malignant tumor is more than 10 cm3, of epithelial more than 30 cm3 or of glandular more than 50 cm3 – then the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN is 12% and less.